Aldenberg Sales

Citizens of Oak Harbor,

Beginning at the upcoming feast hosted by the White Forest Trading Company, and at our gatherings into the foreseeable future, I will be buying and selling wares on behalf of my family. Come find me and peruse our selection of Runic scrolls, Alchemy elixirs, and components!

Additionally, if you have any of the above, I will be happy to buy them. Our purchase-prices will be set lower than market value (to enable us to make a profit when we resell them), but you’ll get the cash in hand immediately and won’t have to bother with trying to sell them yourself.

If you have any questions, come find me at the WFTC feast - I’ll have our current stock out and available for sale!

Leopold Aldenberg

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Find me in the next few days - I’ll be wearing a black leather backpack, filled with wares to sell (and leaf with which to buy your goods!).

Again, we will be buying and selling elixirs, scrolls, and components.

Leopold Aldenberg