An Announcement

Hi all,

I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce my resignation from the board of trustees of Red Feather Roleplaying, the organization which runs Witchwood. Over the three years since we founded this game, the game has evolved in many ways.

As this has happened, I have found the philosophical divide between myself and many of the rest of the trustees has widened. I have made numerous attempts to reconcile this divide but have reached a point where I no longer see a path forward. I no longer feel like my input is helpful or constructive to the community. And I do not feel like attempting to hold a leadership role within this organization is a worthwhile use of my time or other people’s. As a result, I think it is best for me to step aside.

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had with this game over the past three years. I have learned a lot and grown dramatically as a writer and game designer. I have also gotten to meet many new people and make a number of new friends. To everyone who has made these things possible, I thank you.

It is unclear what my role will be going forward. It is my hope that I will be able to maintain some sort of involvement with the community but I will need to see what feels possible and sensible.


PS - For full disclosure, and this will presumably be reflected in our summer financials, I have asked for and received repayment of the $1500 interest free loan that I issued to the game upon its startup. I was not involved in the decision to authorize this repayment beyond my initial request but it is my understanding that it was approved unanimously by the current trustees and that it was not seen as an undue financial burden on the organization. If you have any questions about this transaction, I would direct you to Brian, the RFR treasurer, or any other current member of the board.