An Invitation

A Heartfelt Welcome,

All citizens of Oak Harbor are invited and encouraged to attend a spectacular Feast, to be held in the Manor, on the evening of the 4th of Vigor, at 4 hours past noon.

As during this feast we shall be observing whimsical Daler traditions, this party will have games! Some will be games of chance, some games of skill, some games of simple fun. All will have prizes!

In the early portions of the evening, we will be hosting a fighting tournament. The details and rules of the tournament will be posted within a few days time. We remind you, if you are participating in the tournament, abstain from stronger libations until you are done competing. Then drink to the memory of your hard fought victories!

In the later evening, we will host an auction. Although alcohol was suggested, we decided to go with more magical items donated to ease life in the Witchwood. A list of items will be provided to those who attend the Feast.

Attire may be as festive or as fancy as you desire!

–Carson Ross,
Senior Partner, White Forest Trading Company