Announcing new Safety Coordinator, pending community approval

Hi all,

Ronny Rose has been voted in by the board as RFR’s Safety Coordinator (formerly “Safety Lord,” but we are changing that name), pending community approval. Ronny is a safety coordinator professionally, and has been with RFR since the beginning. He will be playing Entanglement, and has taken some time off but is planning on staffing/NPCing for both Witchwood and Port Katherine. He has agreed to either attend all RFR games or ensure that a deputy is appointed when he cannot make it. He has also showed us a sample safety plan that he helped produce for the YMCA, and plans to make a similar document for RFR events.

Ronny’s safety qualifications are:

  • Current YMCA lifeguard
  • YMCA lifeguard instructor
  • Instructor for First Aid, CPR, AED use, Oxygen use and child abuse prevention
  • On the safety committee for the Granite YMCA, where his responsibilities include building emergency action plans for the branches within their association
  • Former EMT and wilderness first responder (certifications lapsed)
  • Well versed in safety systems

Given the nature of this position, the board thinks that the Safety Coordinator should be someone the community has confidence in. Therefore, we have decided to open a 2-week comment period, Sept 21 – Oct 5. If anyone is aware of any reason he should not serve in this role, you are encouraged to contact either the Conduct Committee, the Ombudsperson, or the Board President. At the end of the 2-week period, they will confer, and if no comments warrant further investigation, Ronny will be confirmed to the role.

Comment contact info:
Conduct Committee:
RFR Board President:

Joy Perkinson
RFR Board President


The role of safety coordinator is of physical health and wellness specifically, correct? Conduct is still wholly the domain of the conduct committee?

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Yes, correct. Ronny would be in charge of things like having an emergency action plan, assessing any particular risks at a given event (like, maybe there is a high incidence of mosquito-borne disease in the area or something), etc. He has offered to run safety training events for interested RFR staff as well.

Conduct concerns are and will always be handled by the Conduct Committee (well, unless something so egregious happens that it results in an immediate ban via unanimous vote of the board). Other “mental/emotional safety” resources will continue to be the Mark of the Red Feather, the Ombudsperson, and the hand signal checkin system.

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