Cabin and bunk questions

Hello all! It is my u understanding that events are held at camp Middlesex, and though I have played there before I can not for the life of me remember the layout, cabins, or condition of the bunks. Is this a bring your own mattress situation, is there sufficient bunk space for new incoming players such as myself? I honestly can’t even remember if the site has showers. Is there already a forum thread that coveres all this and I just missed it? I am just starting to take stock of what I still need to procure again to get back into LARP and I want to jump on this soon so I dont end up at my first event without a towel or blanket…


The camp has bunk space, with mattresses. There are showers (different building from the cabins).

You’ll want to bring your own bedding (be it a sleeping bag, or blankets, or whatever is appropriate for the temperature), and toiletries, and a towel, and extra socks :slight_smile: