Can I borrow a boffer staff for the weekend?

Hi All,

Does anyone have a long weapon (between 42 and 72 inches long) suitable as a staff that I can borrow for the weekend?

Yuki (Foehn)

In a similar vein, I’m hoping I can borrow a period-appropriate belt to sling a pouch on. Have the pouch, couldn’t get the belt…

Foehn: You’re welcome to borrow one of the IronCom spare spears, but I do not actually have a staff available.

Nephros: I am certain I have a spare belt.

I have a boffer staff you can borrow. It looks wooden with a little blue gem on top - not sure if that’s what you’re looking for… but it’s what I’ve got.

Jim, thanks for the offer, but I’d prefer something without a blade.

Brian, if I can borrow your staff that’d be great. I can just say that Foehn felt a strange urge to bling her staff for this event :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim!