Characters vs Usernames

I’m Maddie, I play Cas. I was running around with a bow and a general “oh my god you people deal with this crap regularly?” attitude.

Roderago Aldenberg ni Wrightwood di Ternacenti. Aka Uncle Drago.

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Real name Joy, fake name Kael Torren. Get the spelling right on that second one, I’m not a veggie. :wink:

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Bumping this, too.

I am Steven Grabowski and I play (surprise!) Abida. Weaver by trade and member of the Hawks of Aerona.

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I’m Jim, I play Vance O’Canagh.

Hi, I’m Ebyon and I play Venia, your friendly neighborhood necromancer

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I’m Heather and I play Aerona

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I’m Spencer and am on staff. You might recognize me as the really tall guy.

My most visible roles are Strigford, the Silver King, and all manner of Bards.

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Hello, I’m Patrick and I play Lesovik (Branch Druid walking around with a birch tree, who didn’t get a chance to talk to even half of the new people the last two gatherings).

Hi, I’m Cecilia and I play Odie.

I’m Steve O’Neil and I play Durand.

I’m Joe and am on the staff side as well. Easily recognizable as Feisal, Bullfinch, or Antithesis.

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I’m Zach, I play Everett. I am usually found hanging around Flocard.

Real name Amy. I am playing Maline

Hello, I’m Bert, and I play Flocard.

I’m Haley, I play Signe

I’m Matt, and I play Zelai (the red Druid).