Current state of Oak Harbor Militia

Given the post from Mr. Nighthrush on this board about his company’s activities with respect to Oak Harbor, it seems very likely that the contract between the Iron Company and Lavinia Ternacenti for defense of the town will be terminated shortly.

As such, since I am currently in a good mood, as a show of politeness to our mysterious and newly-decloaked overlords, as of right now, I do not particularly expect militia members to show up for muster at the 10th hour on Willowsday. I will still be there, and I will run muster as usual, but I would need to see a contract offer from WFTC and have some questions answered about the backers of the Floodwater company before I hold the militia to contract and before I release salary.

If Mr. Nighthrush and his partners would like to answer some questions about their involvement in the recent campaign and would like to negotiate a contract, my position may change and I will update this thread accordingly.

If the WFTC, however, would not like to do this, I should give them some free intelligence. My mercenary company is currently contracted to defend the settlement from external military threats. An occupation force without a handover of government and clarification or cancellation of our contract would count. As long as this settlement is governed by your conglomerate of merchants and our contract is held by the Ternacenti, paid on time, and unclarified, we will be obliged to contest you for occupation of Oak Harbor.

Now, I’m certain you could bring in the Floodwater company to contest the town proper, and you would probably win, but I have no intention of making that easy and I suspect Bertram has no intention of making that inexpensive. It would probably be better to negotiate.

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Just as a note to the members of the Militia, no negotiation has occurred.