Donation list for Spring 2, 2016

Hi folks!

As we prepare for Spring 2, here is our updated donation list.

Items 1-13 are higher priority.
Other items are low priority.

  1. [CLAIMED] 8 concrete paving stones, approx. 12”x12”x1.25”. (You know you want safer ways to cross acid pits.)
  2. [CLAIMED] More make-up wedges:
  3. [CLAIMED] 6-8 of this mask, in red:
  4. [CLAIMED] 1 of this mask:
  5. [CLAIMED] Some black lace:
  6. [CLAIMED] A pack of A23 12V batteries:
  7. [CLAIMED] 200 spell packets
  8. Boffer boulders (Some mod-trap ones are being made. We could still use throwable ones.)
  9. [CLAIMED] Popsicles:
  10. A sign that says “No Cars” that we can put at the end of the bridge when game starts on Fridays, to remind people not to drive over after 10 pm. (I’m thinking 2’x3’ plywood, or something similar.)
  11. Alternative lighting for the paths to use instead of tiki torches
  12. A pile of boffer bricks for the forge, to replace mouse-damage.
  13. [CLAIMED] Up to $100 of bonus grocery budget for the kitchen
  14. 6x ghillie suits:
  15. [3X claimed] 6x carnivorous plant costumes:
  16. chef coats (6x red, 6x blue, 6x green, 6x white, various sizes): or
  17. 2x small trellis spheres:
  18. 1 of these LED lanterns:
  19. One of these lanterns:
  20. 1x white cream make-up:
  21. 1x red cream make-up
  22. 1x silver cream make-up:
  23. 1 pack of these face paint crayons:
  24. 1 pack of these face paint crayons:
  25. 1 of this mask:
  26. 2 pairs of prosthetic gills:
  27. Some glow batons:
  28. Some “magic sand”:
  29. renaissance shirts in various sizes
  30. cloaks in various colors
  31. scrim cloth

I picked up 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 - basically the items in the top 12 from amazon.

I forgot another important thing. Our forge suffered some mouse-related damage over the winter. So we could really use another pile of boffer bricks.

I’ll grab 7

Thank you all!

I’ve updated the list to show which items have already been claimed.

As far as what’s left, people should consider setting their sights on 3, 12, and 15. :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on 8.

I got 3 of number 15.

I have 1 black #30