Donations for Fall 2 , 2022

Help us end the year with an action packed event. Donations can be sent to me or brought to the event. 1 CP per $25 as usual. Thanks!

  1. [CLAIMED] 1 metal skull:
  2. [2 of 4 claimed] 4 plain skulls:
  3. [6 of 12 claimed] 12x skeleton masks:
  4. [CLAIMED] 2x 25 packs of purple glow stick:
  5. An assortment (~10) of cheap Kimono (e.g. Antique Brick Red and Beige Silk Japanese Kimono | eBay)
  6. [CLAIMED] Spell packets (150ish)
  7. 1 pack of blue LED pens:
  8. [CLAIMED] 6x C batteries
  9. [CLAIMED] 50ish AA batteries
  10. 3x frog hoodies:
  11. [CLAIMED] A bubble machine
  12. [CLAIMED] Make-up applicator wedges
  13. [CLAIMED] Baby wipes
  14. Make-up crayons/pencils

I have 2x purple glow sticks and 6 skelly masks

Will also snag the spell packet crafting

I’ll grab all the batteries, the bubble machine, makeup applicator wedges and baby wipes

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