Donations List for Fall 1, 2016

Hi folks!

As we prepare for Fall 1, here is our updated donation list, in roughly priority order.
1 CP will be awarded per 2 hours labor or per $25 spent.

  1. [CLAIMED] A box of manila envelopes. (P.S. Staff loves when you return the envelope from your character packet so we can reuse it.)
  2. [CLAIMED] A volunteer to hem our new shade costumes so staff doesn’t trip on them.
  3. A volunteer to re-solder some broken light-strips for gates.
  4. A few rolls of duct tape:
  5. [CLAIMED] 1 purple pancake make-up:
  6. A folding card table:
  7. [CLAIMED] A bunch (~12x) of durable solar lanterns, like these:
  8. [CLAIMED] A pile of boffer bricks for the forge, to replace mouse-damage.
  9. A sign that says “No Cars” that we can put at the end of the bridge when game starts on Fridays, to remind people not to drive over after 10 pm. (I’m thinking 2’x3’ plywood, or something similar.)
  10. [CLAIMED] 1 set of magnetic locks:
  11. [CLAIMED] 6x ghillie suits:
  12. [CLAIMED] 3x carnivorous plant costumes:
  13. chef coats (6x red, 6x blue, 6x green, 6x white, various sizes): or
  14. [CLAIMED] 2x small trellis spheres:
  15. 1 of these Small hologram kits:
  16. 1 of these LED lanterns:
  17. One of these lanterns:
  18. [CLAIMED] 1x white cream make-up:
  19. [CLAIMED] 1x red cream make-up
  20. [CLAIMED] 1x silver cream make-up:
  21. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of these face paint crayons:
  22. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of these face paint crayons:
  23. Any of these masks: ; ; [CLAIMED]
  24. Any of these prosthetics: ; ; ; ;
  25. Some glow batons:
  26. renaissance shirts in various sizes
  27. cloaks in various colors
  28. scrim cloth

I’ll claim the solar lanterns. Yay more reasonable light sources!

I’ll claim the manilla folders & the makeup – i.e. 1,5,18,19,20,21,22.

I’ll take no. 12 (the three carnivorous plants).



Fabulous! I will contact you about getting them to you.

I’ve ordered the Ghillie Suits (#11)

Ok, I’ll also grab the trellises (#14), and the reptile mask from #23.

You all rock!

I can get the magnetic locks.

It looks like a lot of these are claimed. With just over 2 weeks to the event, can we expect more items to be added to the donation list?

We’ll see if staff discovers they need anything else.

Some UV flashlights would be good.

And perhaps some fancy goblets:

I’ve got number 8

I will grab lanterns #16 and #17, and one fancy golden goblet from Beth’s follow-up post.