Donations List for Fall 1, 2017

If you would like to donate something to the game for CP (1 per $25), here are some things we are interested in.

  1. [CLAIMED] More green glowsticks:

  2. 3-4 yards of fabric in any of these colors: black, grey, red, yellow

  3. [CLAIMED] 2x of this mask:

  4. [CLAIMED] 12x canvas drop cloths:

  5. 2x candle chandeliers:

  6. [CLAIMED] 1x wooden water jug:

  7. [CLAIMED] 6 pairs of these masks:

  8. Renaissance shirts in various sizes for our generic costuming stash.
    ◦ Examples:;;;;

  9. Any of these prosthetics:;
    ◦ [CLAIMED];

  10. Any of these masks:;
    ◦ [CLAIMED];

I’ll claim numbers 3 and 4.

With a question of 5: What is your goal for the chandeliers (if you can tell me)? I might be able to make something similar for a lot cheaper.

They are for having reliable tavern lighting without having to fiddle with so many candles.

I grabbed 3 of #1

I grabbed 3 pairs of the #7 masks.

Claimed and ordered:
the remaining 4 pairs of #7
a purple xl shirt from #8

should all be here by fall 2, for scheduling purposes.

Additional things we could use for Fall 2:

I’ll take AA batteries and the brushes.

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I’ll grab the rug (edited to add: after I ordered, I noticed the arrival date is “October 6-24” so it may not be here by Fall 2. I’ll let you know if it shows up in time)

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Claimed the Reptile Face and the Alien Latex from 9 and 10.
The dragon-spikes say they’re sold out, and the fungal thing is just a giant NOPE. :slight_smile:

We could also use some purple glow sticks.

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UMMMMMM :fearful:.


How many purple glow sticks? I can probably claim that.

A 25 pack would be about right.

We would also take as many of these hexagons as someone felt like getting:

I’ll take number 8.

I’ll claim that, too.

Do you mean the hexagons?


We would also like some tree masks.

I’m tempted to claim these, tbh. Is that alright?