Donations List for Fall 2, 2019

We’ll probably add a few more things to this later, but for anyone looking to get more CP before the BGS deadline (Monday at 6am), here are a few things we could use. (1 CP per $25)

Email receipts to me at baniszew at gmail.
Either bring things to game or send me a message and I’ll send you my address.

  1. [CLAIMED] 7x “light-up blood teeth mask”
  2. [CLAIMED] 1x t-rex mask: 4
  3. [CLAIMED] A few packages of make-up wipes / baby wipes
  4. [PURCHASED] Gravestone prop for Feisal
  5. [PURCHASED] 1 package of black letter stickers:
  6. [PURCHASED] 2-4 packages of gold letter stickers:
  7. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of gold wax sealing beads:
  8. [PURCHASED] 1x Feather Wax Seal Stamp
  9. [CLAIMED] 1x Wax Melting Furnace Tool

Thanks in advance!

Dibs on #1.


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Another thing we could use: A nice gravestone prop for Feisal.

I’ll grab number 2, can you message me the address to send it to?

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New items have been added to the donation list! (See above)

I’m also ordering #9, that will finish off that 5th CP I was hoping for before game! :slight_smile:

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I’ll take #7

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