Easiest/cheapest way to make spell components

Hi everyone, Nat here. I still need a bunch of bags of birdseed for Nephros. Do people usually just by cloth from craft stores and tie packets, or is it easy to get pre- measured, patchwork squares.

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If you can find sheets from some kind of Goodwill type place it’s what I do. Then I just mark out one column of 8/8 squares and fold the sheet end over end, then run the scissors up the sides. They’re not PERFECT size but they’re an approximation I find easy to work with.

For sealing em up I just use rubber bands. Smaller sizes work just fine.

I would give you some packets but they were turned over to the staff when… stuff happened…

I have no idea about getting pre-made squares, it seems like anything that takes a step out of your process is going to boost the cost.

If you can find (and afford) it, I highly recommend using nyjer seed. Spell packet recipes generally recommend avoiding sunflower seeds (for the obvious reason that they result in bumpy, pointy packets), but nyjer seed goes above and beyond that: it’s really fine-grained stuff intended for finches, and it results in super-smooth packets with a light, evenly-distributed weight.

If you’re going for thrift, you can also use old clothing as your fabric. I made a bunch of spell packets out of a plain-colored tank top I was ready to retire anyway. Just avoid denim and fabric with logos, wash the clothing before you repurpose it, and don’t make spell packets out of old underwear, because that’s gross.

Thanks everyone! I picked up some cloth, will see if I can tie up some seeds tomorrow.