Engagement Between Games: Physical Activities

Hello Everyone,

Reaching out to you to gauge your opinion and gather thoughts on how we can keep engaged with the world even while socially distancing. While we are discussing options for more virtual activities, we also know many of us are starting to feel that cramped cabin fever when not otherwise going to work.

To that end, we are discussing possible events to stage with a more outdoor component, such as geocaching. While the exact rewards from this have yet to be finalized, the intent would be to grant some form of town wide bonuses going into the next event.

If you have any questions or concerns, concerns, or other ideas you wish to share, we would love to hear them!

This message will also being going up on our facebook group, as well as the slack channel. Below is the staff email, if you would rather reach out to us privately.


Thank you, and stay safe.

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I was thinking of making videos as Laurenzo talking about various things