Fall 1 2017, Quotes and Highlights

Bianca: “I’m sorry for your loss… but there’s pudding!”

Tess: "So, would you rather fight one duck sized horse or one hundred duck sized horses"
Florica: "Definitely the duck sized horses. Large birds kinda bother me"
Strigford: “Florica! I’m offended!”

Winston: “But you see, they were blueBEARy fish” (this is not going to make much more sense even with context for those who were not there)


So many. But my favorite has to be Florica’s amazing card trick.

Florica: Uncle Winston would you like to see a magic trick?

Florica follows many elaborate steps of shuffling cards, placing them in multiple piles, stacking them, shuffling them, allowing Winston to cut the deck, etc. Finally, with a flourish she slaps all of the cards out of Winston’s hand, but one…

Florica: Is this your card?

Winston: So there’s one minor problem with your trick…

Florica: Oh?

Winston: You never asked me to pick a card.


The entire night at the Tea House, Florica becoming increasingly nervous about proposing to Strigford as the night went on and drinking to compensate. All the conversations with bear puns and stupid jokes. Then the round of applause when Strigford walked in.

After telling Dyrus the story about the failed card trick with Winston, Brady picks up a random card off a deck:
“Dad, is this your card?”
“It is! My son, he knows magic! My boy!!!”


Tormenting Omoira with puns

“Thales has two hands”
“Thales has…three hands…?”

Winston: “Sure, gouls are scary, but the really enemy is GINGIVITIS!”

In response to Roderago, Signe, and I making puns
Leopold: "I have a Silence Curse scroll I will make you stop."
Me: "But there are three of us and only 1 scroll"
Signe: “Plus that would just stop me for 5 minutes, and then I’ll continue”

“So is the a snatch and run?”
“No, we’re going to kill everyone”


Florica holds up red pepper
Florica: "Anyone want one? 1 leaf."
Scott: Something along the lines of "Is that a pretzel?"
Winston to Scott : “WHAT THE F@!&, SCOTT?”

I absolutely lost it.



“Team dark green!”
“Team light green!”
“Blood feud on!”


Fae: "But, I’m looking for heroes…are you heroes?"
Shane: (sighs heavily, then beams a big smile) “Why yes we are!”

Leopold: "Do you have any questions for us?"
Odie: “… would I really have died if I didn’t know the runes?”

Leopold: “I know a song about fish…”


Omoira [to Thales and Venia]: I hope you know that I love you and think very highly of you both. You’re both wonderful people.
Raf: Raf also really loves you guys
Thales: heavy sigh I love you too
Venia: … I think you guys are pretty cool
Omoira and Raf: YES! We got her to admit she likes us!

“Emotional constipation”

“Venia is a cat.” (I can’t remember the rest :persevere:)

“Do you have any plans in case the Knights of the Bulwark come back? Besides hiding.”

Thales: there’s undead around…
Venia: it wasn’t me!
Thales: I know it wasn’t you.
Venia: I need to say it anyway

Omoira: Do you have a cabin?
Venia: Yeah, I’m in the maladjusted cabin as usual.
Omoira: Okay, well just know you can always stay in our cabin.
Venia: I appreciate it, but I don’t have any pressing desire to make rumours worse.
Omoira [offended]: But I would be there! Chaperoning!
Venia: … Yeah I’m good.


Leopold: "The Hounds at Dawn are great heroes!"
Shane: “Let’s not over-sell this thing…”


I walk into a Firmament portal to a Fae talking about stories
Fae: Do you have a story about being a hero?
Leopold: Nope, he was just leaving


Really that entire night at the Tea House was hysterical.


Odie: I’m Odelia, I’m with the Hounds at Dawn.
New People: oh, the Hounds at Dawn! The heros?
Roland: He said heroes! It’s working.

Re: Thales’ response
I do not remember using those words

I’m hysterical. :smiley: I crack myself up. So you should be able to pick. Do you not want bird jokes?

I may have gotten things wrong. It is a possibility

Oh, I almost forgot:

“And what idiot believed hard enough in spiders and mosquitoes working together to make it a reality in Reverie, and where can I find them to kill them?”