Fall Season cancellation, and S-o-I deadline this Monday

Hi everyone,

I’m here to break the sad news you probably saw coming.
In the interests of keeping our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Witchwood will be cancelling our Fall season.

For anyone who already registered for our Fall events, we will refund your admission fee. Due to the overwhelming generosity of the RFR community in donating admission fees for the cancelled Spring season, our organization is in solid financial shape, and we would like you to have your Fall registration money back to use it where it is needed.

We will also not be holding our annual OOG summer picnic. However, I will be working with the Port Katherine game director to explore ways to have a fun virtual community event to keep us all connected. That will most likely take place in September. Stay tuned for more information!

Although our Fall events are cancelled, Witchwood staff wants to keep our world and stories in your hearts and minds. The new deadline to send us your Shard-of-Intention description is this Monday, 7/13. (See the forum post for details.)

During the Fall, staff will provide additional game-related content online. This won’t mean a full event like at Spring 1 (although if the crisis continues into 2021, we may do that again). We’re still sorting out the details, but stay tuned. We miss LARP and we miss you all.

I will also be posting some craft opportunities for CP. The first one is alternate props for dream tokens, for use by NPCs and new players. Per the rulebook, they can look like almost anything: (“It must be ornamental (serve no other game purpose), and cannot be clothing.”) Thematically, we would like them to incorporate fiber arts. Possibilities include small embroidered pendants, such as these, or temari ball / hackey sack-like objects. If you would like to make some, drop staff a note saying how many you plan to make.

Stay safe everyone,
-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director


To clarify, Re: Shards of Intention, only one person needs to write up a story-thing per project. So if you are just helping someone else out, you don’t need to write a whole thing. Just say, “I’m helping $whoever.”