Food/Kitchen Help Needed!

For Fall 1, we will have illustrious food from the illustrious Ariel, but she won’t be able to be present at the event. (booo Labor Day weekend)

This means we need several things:

  1. Someone to pick up the food and drive it to camp, on Friday.
  2. Someone to prep Saturday breakfast (will come with easy-to-follow directions)
  3. Someone to prep Saturday lunch (same)
  4. Someone to prep Saturday dinner (same)
  5. Someone to prep Sunday breakfast (same)

If you can do one or more of these things, please reply to this thread and claim them!

CP will be available for kitchen work, as usual. And we’ll give a bonus CP for transporting the food.

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  1. Where is the food pickup?

  2. I’ll prep breakfast on both days. :slight_smile:


I’m checking on the pickup location.

Information from Ariel:

Address is 96 Lyman St #1 in Waltham. It’s the house with all the dragons, and they have a parking lot so you can pull into the driveway and load up on the side.

There will be approximately four large coolers worth of stuff, plus several bags. In short: lots of space required.

Everything should be ready to go by 2pm. Pickup anytime after that will be fine, just needs a bit of advance warning.

I can help with lunch and/or dinner prep as well as dishes.

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