Forum Tips 'n Tricks

A few things to note:

  • You can change your forum username (although it will break any @mentions to your old name.) Just click on your user icon (which you can also change) at the top right, then click the little gear icon to get to your preferences. Your forum username is initially set based on your username on the new site, but even if you change it, you’ll still be able to log in.
  • There are two ways to reply to a thread, which function subtly differently. At the bottom of the thread there is a Reply button in blue, which works about how you would expect. But each individual post also has its own Reply button in white; utilizing that will link your reply to that specific comment, and also notify the person that made it.
  • For people who prefer to keep their hands on the keys, this forum software provides excellent keyboard shortcuts. Just press shift + / (better known as ?) when not editing a post to bring up a complete listing (it’s also available from the dropdown menu.)

Since many people have asked about (or requested) a button to go back to the main website: we totally have that! It exists, sort of.

Along the very top of the page, above the leaves, you should see a gray-green bar that says “Home” in the middle of it, in white text. Click anywhere on that gray-green bar (you don’t actually have to click the “Home” part) and you’ll be taken back to

I admit, this is a somewhat hacky CSS solution, because I didn’t want to mess with Discourse’s lovingly-crafted user experience too much. But it works for me; if you’d rather I try something else, please let me know!