Holiday Bonus! Ending 1/31

Like the last couple of years, we’re doing a promotion for passes. If you purchase a 2019 annual pass or any 2019 season pass, before 12:59pm on January 31, you will get a bonus CP.

So as a reminder, the deadline for this is in a little over 2 weeks.

Extra reminder: register for Feast! Feast is Sunday, February 3rd!

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Reminder: this deadline is in just over 3 days. Purchase a season or annual pass before midnight on the 31st to get a bonus CP!

Will we be able to use the cp before the cp purchase cap resets for the new season?

Yes. The season cap reset will be 2 weeks (or so) after Feast, and the CP will be awarded before then. (Ideally the CP will be awarded on Feb 1, before the Feast.) You’ll also be able to spend CP earned (bringing potluck, or PEL submission) at the Feast.

Holiday Bonus CP have been awarded. Let us know if you see something wrong.