Hugs By Omoira (Raveler's Refresh and Covid Concerns)

So, back in September of 2019, when casual physical contact was a thing that just HAPPENED, I wrote up an explanation for Omoira’s Raveler Refresh Skill discussing hugs and consent. I’m c/ping much of that information here, however I’m also updating it for Covid, because that’s just what we do now.

For the most part, I will not be giving actual hugs this event
(I know, I’m sad, too) Instead, we will be using the mechanic listed below, wherein we say, “I give you a hug” and then take a step backwards. Your skill will still refresh (once, this is a once-per-event-per-person skill) and IGly, our characters will have hugged, as opposed to our players, who are giving big eyes at each other and remembering the lovely days when hugs were free and plentiful.

The option for a five minute IG discussion on your feeeeeelings remains an option to receive the skill as well. Perhaps with a nice cuppa from Mugs by Omoira?

(If you do wanna get in on some of this sweet, sweet hugging-for-reals action, a negative rapid test from the past few days and/or promise of having quarantined for 10+ days will get you into The Huggening.)

Previous Text
So, with Advanced Raveler’s Refresh, I can refresh your racial ability once per event. For Lyra that’s Healing, Oakskin or Purify; Humans get Silence, Sleep, or Dream; Dwarves have Trip, Maim, or Parry; Galatura get Speak With Dead, Spirit Dart, or Repel, and for Elves it’s Fumble, Root, or Elemental Dart. Any time after you’ve used up your Racial Skill, you can come find Omoira and she will refresh that skill for you once.

Because Raveler is a Lyra thing and Lyra are all about communities (No hive minds!), the “cost” for this is either a hug or a 5 minute chat about your feelings. It’s that strengthening of a bond between our characters that allows her to tap into her abilities to refresh yours.

However, hugs, like all physical contact in game, are opt-in. Maybe you don’t want to hug, maybe you don’t want to hug me, maybe you just got finished fighting and the idea of touching anyone before you shower makes you cringe. Maybe it’s all these reasons or none at all. It doesn’t matter. Hugs are always opt-in and never opt-out.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck only ever talking to Omoira to get that Refresh. That’s actively unfair and you shouldn’t be penalized IGly for an OOG decision. (If it’s an IG reluctance - looking at you, Shane - that’s different and we can absolutely roll with that!) So anyone who would like the benefit of a Refreshing hug but without the actual contact may say, “I hug you” and then take a step backwards. That signifies it’s a purely IG hug and I will nod and say “Refresh Racial Skill” the exact same way I would to anyone who offers me a big, squeezy hug.

You should never have to do something that makes you uncomfortable for an in-game benefit.