If any Weavers have any spare uses of dream


If there are any weavers who have spare dreaming ability, there are two individuals would like to get in contact with where best method seems to be through shared dreams. One has to do with fixing the problem of reality falling apart (commonly referred to as the problem with the pattern), the other is more personal.

I would also be looking for someone capable of using their abilities as an oracle to determine an event that occurred in the tavern in the spring that no one happened to witness.

Please contact me to discuss further details and payment.


(Out of character : Meant to type this up a month before the BGS deadline, but I guess should have just posted it immediately after the event. Would not be surprised if everyone already has fully planned what they are using dream for and if so that’s fine.)

I can’t do shared dream, but I have a spare use of Oracle this time and can look into the tavern issue.

~ Kael