To the people of Oak Harbor,

You should know that you are developing quite a reputation around the globe. Your first hand experience and skill with interacting with beings from other Realms is unrivaled across Evren.

Thus, we would like to invite you to the grand opening of the Oak Harbor joint consulate. With the recent thinning of borders between realms, there have been gates opening across Evren where none had opened before. As such, our neighbors around the globe are beset by problems of kinds which the people of Oak Harbor are uniquely equipped to resolve.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to meet representatives from some of the afflicted territories, learn about each other, and discuss preparations for expeditions abroad.

The representatives will be bringing a selection of games and auction items from their homelands. We encourage you to bring a dish to share from yours. Also, the Black Dragons will be sponsoring a 1-on-1 fencing tournament, no magic or advanced skills, just a test of pure basic swordplay.

Looking forward to seeing you upon this superb Aldersday,
Lecturer Strigford, Master with Merit of the Imperfect Arts
Senior Partner WFTC

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(out of game clarification)

The fencing tournament will not involve skills or spells, or even armor. It’ll be first-to-5-hits with single sword, and staff will supply a matched pair of swords. It won’t even use your regular Vitality. So anyone can join in, even if they don’t have a bunch of “fighter” skills and whatnot, and you don’t need to come dressed for war.

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