Kitchen help for Fall 2!

Our illustrious chef can do food shopping and planning, but not actual cooking this event.

We need people who can commit to helping out with the cooking, which will probably be slightly more than the “put thing in oven at predetermined time” we’ve had in the past.

We may also need someone (again) to pick up the food on the way to camp on Friday. I’ll confirm this soon, but assume it’s true for now. Edit: this isn’t needed.

Please reply in this thread if you might be available for these things. (food pickup, setting out friday snacks, saturday breakfast, saturday lunch, saturday dinner, sunday breakfast.) If you want to help with the kitchen, also say how much complexity you can deal with; the quote from Ariel being:

The difference between “stick this in the oven for two hours” and “spend half an hour putting A on B, then put it on a pan and stick in the oven”, in particular.

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I can do “spend a half hour on breakfast both days” if I have REALLY good directions. ELI5 level directions.

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I can help with lunch, Dinner, and dishes. Depending on timeframes I can maybe help with Friday snack setup. Can handle p high complexity, so like, whatever yall need, tbh

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y’all are my heroes.

Im willing to cook on those dates that I am able to come. Lunch, dinner, snack setup and dishes.

Good to know :slight_smile: