Magnificent Mimic Chamber-- Charity Event

Citizens and passers-by,

On the evening of Reverie 45, during business hours of The Two Teacups (10pm-2am), I will be hosting a charity event to benefit the Healer’s Circle. Come and witness the Magnificent Mimic Chamber-- where four of your friends (or enemies) will be compelled by your donation to drink a variety of humorous potions for your amusement.

Donors will pledge leaf on behalf of potential participants. Multiple donors may donate to one participant. The amount of leaf pledged to each participant will be published in the tavern up until the opening of The Two Teacups. At this time, the participant with the most donations pledged will drink a “mind-of-an-animal” potion. The second, third, and fourth highest pledged participants will drink a mimicry potion. The results should be interesting, to say the least!

All profits from these pledges will be donated to the Healer’s Circle for their procurement of useful items. All are welcome to come observe the show! Entry to The Two Teacups is free, and typical rates apply to drinks (1 leaf for one drink, 3 leaf for unlimited drinks).

I look forward to seeing you there!
Florica Petulengro Tu’Aren Aldenberg di Ternacenti, Proprietress