Many Curses

Citizens of Oak Harbor,

Do you ever get cursed so much that you forget how cursed you are? That happens to me.

I know I am cursed not to touch Vennick, but also… Odie, maybe? And maybe Tess? Were those the three? Was there a fourth?

Please leave a reply if we are cursed not to touch each other. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.


Guildmaster Kael Torren
Oak Harbor Alchemy Guild

Hi Kael. We can touch. :wink:

  • Tess
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(Incomprehensible pictograms)


Odie and Viatea

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Many thanks! This does sound right. Good thing I asked before I forgot and gave Vaiatea a hug.

~ Kael

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Good call. She would definitely not wake you up.