Now Announcing: Nyth's All Purpose Brokerage

Greetings townsfolk!

Looking to exchange some small quantity of leaf for goods or services? Have a single good and/or service you wish to offload for leaf. but the business cost is like, 50% of the price?

I will be purchasing a business license to open Nyth’s All Purpose Brokerage. I will purchase your good/service (which hopefully is covered under my business license. If it isn’t, well, you can just give me the good as friends, and I might absentmindedly leave some leaf lying around unattended. I’m scatterbrained like that.) and immediately resell it to the individual who expressed interest in said good or service for no additional markup!. That’s right, folks. I am willing to broker deals with no cut for myself. “But Nyth,” you might ask, “How is that good business practice? How are you making back the money you spend on a license?” And you’d have a good point. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet, but hey, I sincerely hope poor business sense is not punishable by our new and highly esteemed code of law,

Your well-meaning, but kind of dumb, and occasionally oblivious neighbor,
Nyth Oakenbarrel