NPC Shifts for Fall 2

Hey everyone!

We’ve been a little low on NPCs the past few events, and are trying something new: 2-hour NPC shifts for PCs to help us out for town fights!
We’re looking for people willing to jump into one of 4 timeslots:

  • Friday night (11 PM-1 AM): Evan, Patrick
  • Saturday afternoon (2-4 PM): Ducky, Joy
  • Saturday night (10 PM-12 AM): Sean, Ebyon
  • Sunday morning (11 AM - 1 PM): Mike, Charles

These timeslots are approximate and we might not need you for the full two hours. Also, as a thanks for taking time out of your game, anyone taking a shift will get a (to-be-specified) in-game reward!

Please let us know if you’re interested in joining the dark side for a few hours. :slight_smile:

I’ll sign up for Saturday afternoon.

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I could prolly sign up for Friday night! I’ll confirm soon.

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Put me down as tentative for Friday night (depends on how I’m feeling).

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I can help out sunday morning.

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I can do Saturday afternoon.

I’m fine helping out with any of them. For the purpose of listing one, I guess Saturday night and/or Saturday afternoon since it sounds like have gotten less volunteers there.

Edit : Looks like Saturday afternoon has more than thought if Sunday morning would be better.

I should be good for Sunday Noon, I guess.

I can do Saturday night