On sending letters

Since many new settlers have arrived since the policy was established, the WFTC would like to reiterate the following for your information:

The WFTC maintains a contract with the Davenstern to have up to 2 letters per settler carried out of Oak Harbor free of charge each gather. (OOG: You may give these to any Davernstern messenger in game, or you may submit them as BGS.)

Residents should expect to pay 2 leaf each for any letters sent beyond the first 2. An additional surcharge of 5-10 leaf may be added to the delivery fee if the message is being sent to a dangerous destination or entity. The degree of danger is left to the judgement of the messenger and the surcharge may be added before or after delivery of the letter at the messenger’s discretion. (For letters sent as BGS, leaf may be paid at check-out/check-in.)

– Gale Nighthrush,
Senior Partner,
White Forest Trading Company

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