PC Photos/ BGS Reminder

Hey players!

Time has really flown by - in fact, the BGS deadline for Spring One is in less than 6 days! Please do your best to get those in as soon as possible. After all, the sooner those get submitted, the sooner staff can start cooking up some fun plots catered to you, so please try not to wait until the last minute on those and risk missing out.

On a different note, let’s talk about pictures, specifically your pictures. In the past, we’ve sometimes needed to send out staffers to find/hook players that they don’t know well or at all, which is not without the risk of causing communication breakdown. To ensure staffers can find the correct PCs to snag for mods, plots, and goodies alike, we’d like to collect pictures of PCs in costume. We’ll be doing this in two ways:

  1. After you check-in at the Spring One event, staff will direct you to the tavern, where a staffer will take your picture. We’ll do our best to make the process as quick and easy as possible, but expect the process to take a few minutes.
  2. Alternatively, if you’d like to, you can email us a picture of you in costume to witchwoodplotwriters@googlegroups.com. Whether you want to stage it all fancy or just take a selfie is entirely up to you, but please make sure your face is visible. Also, have the subject line of the email be “PC Picture” or something similar so that we can easily find it, and add it to our records.

These pictures will only be used for internal staff purposes, and they will not be shared with players or be used in any promotional material without the player’s explicit permission. Again, this is just to help facilitate smoother staff interactions.

We’re all super excited to be seeing you soon for our Spring One event of 2022!