Placing Runic Scroll Orders

I’ve been asked to provide an idea of pricing for runic scrolls. Turns out, that’s a bit complicated, but I’m going to do my best here. The key thing to remember is that all scrolls have a number of runes for their effect, then a number of runes for modifiers. I’ve provided below all the effects I am capable of producing scrolls for, along with all the modifiers I am capable of doing. Add up the runes, then check the price list at the bottom. Any orders you wish to place must be placed within the next week to be produced by the next moon.

Effects (Rune Count):
Note: if all you want is the effect, cast within 5 minutes of opening the scroll, you will only need to pay based on the below rune count.

Agility (4)
Assassinate (5)
Circle of Protection (5)
Conceal (1)
Death (6)
Device (1)
Disarm (1)
Flame Dart (1)
Fumble (1)
Heal (1)
Healing Refresh (4)
Oakskin (2)
Oracle (4)
Purify (2)
Recovery (3)
Refresh 4 (5)
Repel (2)
Repose of Peace (3)
Retreat (4)
Reveal (4)
Silence (1)
Speak with Dead (1)
Spellshield (3)
Spirit Dart (1)
Subdue (3)
Trip (1)
Unroot (3)
Water Dart (1)

Duration Modifiers:
Sometimes 5 minutes isn’t enough, and you want to be able to cast the effect longer than that. Keep in mind, these modifiers don’t change the number of times the scroll lets you cast - that’s still only once - but when you can cast it. (making the effect natural means you can refresh it overnight, but you can still only refresh one use)

  • Before the end of the moon: +1 runes
  • Before the end of the moon and natural: +2 runes

Assimilation Modifiers:
Some effects, like Retreat and Agility (above), are normally infinite use for someone who has learned to do them. In order to use these skills with a scroll, you need one of these modifiers to control the duration.

  • Within 5 minutes: +1 runes
  • Within 1 hour: +2 runes
  • Until next morning: +3 runes
  • Until the end of the moon: +4 runes

Defensive Modifiers:
Sometimes, you don’t want to cast the effect - you want to protect against it. These modifiers change the scroll so it causes you to resist the next time you are hit with it.

  • First strike within 5 minutes: +1 runes
  • First strike within 1 hour: +2 runes
  • First strike until next morning: +3 runes
  • First strike until end of moon: +4 runes
  • Ward all strikes of effect for 1 minute: +2 runes

Price List:
Runes (Cost in Leaf)
1 (4)
2 (8)
3 (12)
4 (16)
5 (20)
6 (23)
7 (26)
8 (30)
9 (33)
10 (36)

So how does this work? Well, let’s use some common effects to demonstrate.

Death Ward. This lets you call Ward to the Death effect for 1 minute.

  • Death Effect (6) + Ward for 1 minute (+2) = 8. 8 runes costs 30 leaf to purchase this scroll.

Resist Assassinate. Lets you resist the next Assassinate effect you are hit with until the end of the event.

  • Assassinate Effect (5) + Resist Until End of Event (+4) = 9. 9 runes cost 33 leaf to purchase this scroll.
    NOTE: This was used as an example because it actually doesn’t work as efficiently as all other effects. Instead of resisting the effect, this scroll would convert it into a Slay. Regrettable, but it’s how it works.

Retreat (all moon). Use Retreat, at-will, all moon.

  • Retreat Effect (4) + Assimilation All Moon (+4) = 8. 8 runes cost 30 leaf to purchase this scroll.

Reveal (within 5 minutes). Use the Reveal skill within the next 5 minutes.

  • Reveal Effect (4) + No modifiers = 4. 4 runes cost 16 leaf to purchase this scroll.

I know it’s complicated, but if you have any questions - ask. Additionally, this is only MY list. Florica may be able to produce other things for you.

  • Leopold Aldenberg di Ternacenti
    Master Rune Mage
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