Question of Appropriation

Hi all.

Sadly I will be away for the Spring events as I have conflicts both event weekends that take precedence. Upon my return in the fall, I’d like to make some costuming updates for Ralkurian. As we are a community that prides itself on creating safe environments for our adventurous hobby, I have a question I would like to pose towards to community about one of my costume updates.

I would like to try using some dread lock hair extensions for Ralkurian. The inspiration for the new dew is primarily from the way Ronon looks on Stargate Atlantis, and Captain Jack Sparrow. While I know that neither of these characters are explicitly part of a renaissance/period, I just think the two make the look especially great for the character motif.

As a white person, I was unsure how this would be perceived/received. Nuance was kind enough to speak with me on the matter and expressed that my intent did not sound like appropriation, because it is not as if I am wearing dreads IRL, and perhaps portraying them in a way that is inaccurate. I also suggested that I create a forum post, because while I greatly appreciate her feedback, others may have objections.

The extensions would likely be grey, white, and dark brown to help depict Ralkurian’s aging hair. They would also likely be adorned with various trinkets, crystals, leaf, perhaps alchemical components, etc. I may also occasionally braid them back viking-esque as my natural hair is undercut on both sides and back.

Before I commit and purchase these products, I would like the respectful feedback from our community.

I will not be upset if I am unable to make this change, as I have other ideas as well. Though this is my first choice.

Thank you for your time.

-Daniel (AKA Ralkurian)

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I want to again thank you for approaching this in such a respectful manner. Figuring out what counts as appropriation can be a very delicate and difficult task, and that you’ve taken the initiative to verify the community’s feelings first just really underscores your (and the game’s) commitment to honest, open, communication and respectful interaction.