Rat nest contract

I am looking for the person who gave out the rat killing/object recovery contract. The one that was completed at the end of the gathering. Does anyone know that person’s name or what it was they were trying to recover?

Who’s asking?

That’s Thales’ handwriting.

– Vance

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In that case, we recovered a small locked wooden box, but that’s the best I can do for you.

(Sorry for the confusion)
My interest is related to the mummy that was with the box. Overhearing a conversation, it sounds like whatever was in that box was stolen while it was being transported to the writer of the contract. There was a mummy, one that was created, in the same room. Paranoia dies hard. I’d like to know if this is something that I should look into.

Ok, I might be able to clear this up. I climbed up and took the box down, and carried it out of the cave to the person receiving the contract. Whether they were the original writer or not, I don’t know, but I was assured they were the person to give it to. If they were not the right person, then I have several people I need to have a talk with about misinformation. I didn’t see any mummies, but I was kind of busy disarming traps and collecting wooden boxes. If it helps, that lock looked pretty hard, like the kind that can only be opened by knowing the combination, so if it was stolen it may have been an inside job after it passed out of my hands.

Ok. Do you know the name of the person it was returned to? My understanding is that it has been stolen from his employer so yes he is the right person to have it and he is on the up and up. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen him around teaching before but never really interacted with him

That contract was handed from the White Forest Trading Company directly to me in my capacity as militia captain. The box was in the possession of one of their couriers, but they got jumped in the woods and lost track of it. (Don’t worry, we’re getting paid for it, not doing it out of the kindness of our hearts or whatever.)

The mummy fits into a concerning pattern, though. During the gathering, a couple of people mentioned undead cooperating with wolves (though I was never able to track down the source of that rumor and can’t actually verify that it happened - anyone here able to shed some light?), and Willim (the guy who took possession of the box on WFTC’s behalf) mentioned even before he heard about the mummy that it was “very unusual that rats and spriggans were working together”. So it may be an undead problem, and it may be an Evrish-creatures-working-together-with-things-they-usually-dislike problem. Definitely worth looking into, though.


Thank you Signe. That is definitely a concern. I’ll try to find out what I can from my end, but don’t know how much I can find.

Having acquainted myself with the local wood, I can try and track down any instances of undead or creatures that are working with spriggans. I would have to ask for some degree of recompense for my services, since this is my profession. Alternatively, I do know that William has been in the area longer and is similarly able to explore.

Rosen Davenstern,
Respectfully Employed Scout