Regarding the Pattern and the Silver King

This is relevant to those of you who are involved with figuring out why the holes in the Pattern keep showing up and how to stop that from happening. This is also relevant to those of you who are figuring out what to ask the Silver King. If you aren’t doing either of those things, feel free to keep reading I guess, but if you get confused you should probably ask someone who’s not me in a place other than here.

As militia captain, I would like to strongly suggest that the folks figuring out what to ask the Silver King consult with Nephros (and anyone else who may know a lot about the Pattern situation) and come up with appropriate phrasing for a question dealing with how to fix the Pattern. This is our best shot at dealing with a major threat to the town, and it also sounds like it would be good for those involved to ask a question sooner rather than later. Two air imps, one stone.

Why I’m saying this: The WFTC has offered additional material support of the town in fixing the Pattern since they see the tears as the underlying cause of the Firmament-Umbra War and also a danger in their own right. I’m inclined to agree with them on this, but we need to know what we need to do before we can get the money or components or whatever else is necessary to do it. (relatedly, if any resources are required to smooth the way towards using the Silver King’s question on the Pattern rather than something else, tell me and I will do my best to get them for you.)

Folks mentioned in the above: let me know if this makes sense.

  • Signe Rask, Vigorforged

Makes sense and have talked a bit with Nephros and a few others about this already and definitely would like to talk about it more. I think there was discussion on whether could ask in a way to also reinforce or potentially set up a system to make it repair itself in the future that way to help avoid this happening again.

I like having the question in our back pocket, it is something that has to be asked eventually and would rather it’s used for something that helps everyone. Plus the Silver King would rather it gets asked sooner. He did tell me that would give a full/complete answer. I also have a way to contact the Silver King and potentially other members of the Silver Court if need be. I do sort of have a position in the Silver Court now so I might be slightly biased and figure should just put that out there. I still consider myself more loyal to town, but any conflict of interest probably should be stated.


Using the Question on the pattern certainly makes sense. The trick would be in getting the wording just right, something like “what procedure should we follow to prevent further rifts in the Pattern from opening and stabilize the Realms?”

I would like to emphasize that the rifts are not just threats to the town, but literally to the whole of Evren and the other realms. The Fandalee Precursors, as I am calling them, moved to Marsega to enact the last enchantment and stop the unraveling-doing so required both The Stitcher and a mantle-bearer from Void (I have past my notes to Scott.) Skriv seemed to be hinting before he left that prior to the current setup of realms, there were four realms-- I think someone told me (no idea if it is correct) that the new realms were Everen and Void. Skriv seemed to also be going on about how maybe we just need to change with the times as the realms shift , but that sounds to me like it might involve radically changing what it means to be mortal.

Point to Signe- feel free to lean on WFTC hard. Their headquarters will get blown up too if we fail.

Would we want to set aside a time next gather to discuss and come up with a question as a group?