Reminder about staying in character and metagaming

With so many new players coming into game, we’d like to take a moment to remind folks about two topics: staying in character, and metagaming.

We expect all participants to stay in character to the best of their abilities when they are in game space. Talking out-of-character breaks the immersion of those around you and detracts from the experience we’re working to create at our game. If you simply must talk about something out-of-game, go somewhere outside of the central game space, such as to your cabin or across the bridge, and return to game once you’re ready to be back in character. Please especially avoid talking out-of-game in central game areas such as the tavern. (Exceptions of course exist for OOG safety concerns, and for brief rules clarifications. Although if you can find an in-character way to get a clarification, all the better!)

Relatedly, we would like to remind you about our metagaming rule: any information you as a player know out of game, your character can know, too. This means you should avoid discussing information that your character would keep secret, and it means that while your character is lying unconscious on the ground, they can still hear what’s going on around them. Be careful what you say where!

(For roleplaying purposes, you may choose for your character to not know information you heard out of game or while your character was unconscious. But that’s a restriction you would choose to place on yourself. The default is, anything you know, you know.)

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in a week and a half at the last Witchwood event of the year!

Witchwood Game Director


(NPCs have stricter rules where each character should only know what that character could have perceived. Still, we’re all only human, and mistakes happen, so if you don’t want an NPC to know something, be discrete.)