Rumors of 818

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  • Nightmares have been acting crazy recently.
  • The bridge to Umbra and the Gatekeeper’s domain seem to be back to normal. People are very grateful to Oak Harbor’s young mystics.
  • Federigo has a twin brother in Oak Harbor named Ulissa, who is a voidmancer, that Federigo is protecting.
  • Katlynn seems to be looking for a deeper relationship, but she’s torn between Odie and Rosen.
  • Chanting in an unknown language has been heard coming from the woods near Oak Harbor
  • People have been talking about an Elementalist who only pretends to be a profit monger. If you have great need or a just cause, he will ply his trade for free…
  • Are some Felicitoro in trouble? I’m just asking questions…
  • Flocard just wants to be friends with everybody.
  • Colin has been regularly falling out of chairs. Some people claim that they move slightly as he is sitting down.
  • There’s a big market for amethysts right now.
  • People say they’ve been having a lot of nightmares recently.
  • A pearl might sit in the dark.
  • A Velliar traveler was found savagely beaten the night after last gather, with a stylized Grindelow painted on his face. A man in all black, with a yellow Grindelow embroidered on his chest, was reported in the area before the attack.
  • The town’s reputation as a haven for necromancers is decreasing.
  • Several stars disappeared from the sky over the winter
  • The rats have been erratic lately.
  • Some say the Lantern Guard is a legend, others say they did exist but were wiped out… a few maintain there’s still a light in the darkness for the lost and the weary.

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  • There is a new Shuttle of Reverie.
  • Shane is the rat king.
  • Weavers report having fewer nightmares.
  • Kael hasn’t left the library in weeks.
  • Wilbur won’t stop talking about pork chops. It makes Shane uncomfortable.
  • People frequenting the library have reported hearing some kind of terror that ‘wohrps’ in the night.
  • Caius is the new mayor of Oak Harbor.
  • Antithesis is still a jerk.
  • Noren wants silver fae to start enrolling in the Velliar University.
  • Rosen is spending all his time searching for things in the woods.
  • A giant whirlpool opened up near Rensul, two Lothlan ships from a fleet of five were unable to escape it and were lost.
  • A core of wood will sit unattended.
  • Large numbers of Vigamor have been sighted in the woods.
  • Rumors abound about a local man turned vigilante after his parents were killed by monstrous experiments.
  • Florica wears large skirts in order to hide her long, squamous rat tail.
  • A number of people have been experiencing sleep paralysis - waking in the morning, but not able to move for some time.
  • Everett spends all his time drinking.
  • A sign appears in the tavern, reading only, “Would you like to play a game? Get ready.”
  • Venia has started cramming hard for Velliar entrance exams.
  • Leopold seems to be trying to recruit some Lothlan for something. Probably component hunting.
  • Gurtoss just keep coming back, like weeds…
  • Tess and Consequences can never be found in the same place.