Rumors of Early Fall, 818

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  • Thea wants more spiders in her life.
  • Strange glowing beneath the waters off the coast is making many Peleset travelling through concerned.
  • The Velliar working in the library seem intrigued by the questions they’ve been getting asked lately, and there are whispers that they want to recruit more heavily from Oak Harbor.
  • Leopold has been looking for someone down at the docks.
  • Signe, Shane, and Noren seem to be constantly coming into the Raven’s Wing for snacks.
  • An egg will be born of fire.
  • Anyone wandering by the river has probably overheard Basil calling, “Here, piggy piggy piggy!”
  • Looks like that big flower wilted some in the summer heat.
  • Noren has been spending a lot of time off on his own, just sitting on rocks. People are joking about him becoming one.
  • People are still going missing.
  • Raf’s moon madness is getting worse.
  • Grindelow and Strix, once only fables to people outside the Witchwood, have appeared on Saragosa and in the White Forest. Faerie representatives have been reported to be trying to negotiate with local leader to secure hunting grounds for them.
  • Cookie is learning ritual magic.
  • Another body was found in the woods. The woman identified as one of the lumberjacks. The body was disposed of and the WFTC has arranged to cover funeral expenses.
  • Urusig has been sighted in town a few times, being excited about Sven “expecting” something.
  • Roderago is stealing runic spell shields from Florica.
  • Calls of “Help” and “Hey, you should see this” have been heard coming from the woods. Those who investigate report being injured by strange creatures.
  • A few Kobolds have taken up residency not far outside the town, they mostly keep to themselves though
  • There is a secret hidden beneath Colin’s gloves.
  • There is a large force of Vigamor and Golems in the woods but only advance scouts have been sighted recently. It’s as if the main force has gotten lost.
  • Alchemists are willing to do unspeakable things for primus
  • The tall, loud Fandalee wearing the yellow curtain hasn’t been seen in a surprisingly long time.
  • Farmers outside Juldan have reported a rise in strange creatures coming out of the Witchwood into their fields.
  • Strigford is attempting to bring Velliar to Oak Harbor who are not likely to go rogue and create monstrosities.
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Imma need a scholar type to tell me what goes into becoming a Kobold chieftain.