Rumors of Early Fall, 819

  • Farmers around Oak Harbor have noticed odd things going missing, like socks and shirts missing from clothes lines.
  • The Davenstern heir reports that they received a letter from a benefactor, but the leaf was not enclosed. They ask that you please re-send and say you will be compensated later.
  • The Kobolds are planning a Chiefest Chieftan contest.
  • Purple just means you mixed Umbra magic and Vigor magic. Jut look at Timiri’s tunic…
  • Signe ordered fine Lothlan cheese for the festival, but the merchant captain had it thrown into the ocean after the case split open and three sailors got sick.
  • A lot of dead fish were reported on a popular trade route this month.
  • Against all odds, Oak Harbor is becoming a popular tourist destination.
  • Tess has a crush on Herbert.
  • Some hooligan was throwing rocks at the necromancer nest outside town again.
  • Trade through Asola is nearly at a standstill, as no one seems to remember anything about how to organize the docks.
  • Licking the Witchwood tree gives you a musty-mouth malady.
  • A crawler will creep through.
  • Frank the Pig’s legend is just beginning.
  • 011:3 has been wandering around town staring at a “quintessence meter” and mumbling about unlocking something.
  • A lot of good wine has been imported recently.
  • Vi is bound to a quest by a blood oath.
  • Word is that the WFTC has been closely inspecting all imports to make sure there are no hidden spider eggs.
  • Dalers have really good taste in cheese. Especially the tyromancers.
  • Nurand is worried about his brother Durand, even though they haven’t spoken in years.
  • Many Velliar ships have been seen leaving the vicinity of Zantia and heading toward Salendale.
  • Rocking chairs used to be nervous people.
  • There seem to be an ever increasing number of Velliar in the town. Are they having a convention or something?
  • Kael has taken an interest in poetry lately.
  • Bianca has started an Oak Harbor Chorus
  • Strigford is secretly a Weaver
  • People are becoming more polite towards their seating