Rumors of Fall 2, 816

  • Portals directly from Umbra continue to open around the Witchwood.
  • Ralkurian is a silent senior partner within the WFTC.
  • Zelai seems more on edge than normal recently.
  • Madness is spreading through the Witchwood. First the plants, then the animals, and now the people.
  • Wyverns have a giant head and wings.
  • WTFC is planning a hefty tax on the import and sale of alcohol.
  • Nyth has been spending a lot of time staring at his friends with a thoughtful and worried look.
  • Omoira has been using void makeup to slowly poison the minds of other lyra, so that she can eventually pick up where Herman left off.
  • The WFTC is a front for the University.
  • Aislin seems reluctant to go to sleep at night.
  • The grindelow have been particularly aggressive lately.
  • Sam needs to learn to take better care of himself.
  • Caius is buying up obsidian to have new rings made for his family.
  • Benedict Ives wants to make Oak Harbor great again.
  • Taeo has been heard wistfully mumbling the name “Rubus.”
  • Fela has been heard ranting in frustration about Velliar bureaucracy.
  • People have gone missing after dark, their bodies found drained of blood and their spirits obliterated.
  • Wedding bells will be a-ringing soon.
  • Gurtoss have have been eating livestock. Farmers are scared to graze their animals. Market prices for meat are beginning to rise.
  • Kael has doing a lot of asking around about the state of the docks.
  • Some people have reported feeling faint tremors in the earth at night.
  • Boatswain Bigglesworth has a magical mustache that captures the hearts of anyone who sees it.
  • Skriv seems to have taken a sudden interest in Felicitoro politics.
  • Nyth has been searching around frantically for components, but this time it’s not gems.
  • A homecoming party is planned–too bad the guest of honor won’t be there to enjoy it.
  • ANYONE can eat a grindleking’s heart and claim its power. ANYONE.
  • The WFTC is owned by the Tu’aren family.
  • Lumberjacks have been overheard discussing how great the Aldenbergs are.
  • Vance seems more on edge than normal recently.
  • A centipede will crawl from the mire.
  • Omoira seems very interested in buying alchemical elixirs.
  • Bandits mugged and almost murdered Kaiden in the woods; they were WFTC trying to demonstrate the need for law.

Okay, but, look, Rubus BriarWall, the Relentless, Elder Druid of Rensul, is really great, okay??

But, are you sure you’re ok? I just… want to be there for you if you need help.