Rumors of Late Spring, 817

  • Wizards and Mystics still report that their magic tastes wrong.
  • Copperstaff has been welshing on his business agreements.
  • Venia has presented Thales with a Burnt Skull as a token of affection.
  • Everyone wants gems. Everyone wants minerals. Does anyone care about plants?
  • Tread carefully, for the night is dark, and full of spiders.
  • People are commenting that all of the gurtoss seem to be the fire-breathing kind these days.
  • Shane insists on calling Ravenna “mom.”
  • Cries echo through the Witchwood. They are saying something about herds? or weeks?
  • Strigford has been seen moping ever since he heard his beloved wasn’t going to be at the gathering.
  • Kael has been spending a lot more time in the library, and less wandering the woods.
  • A pearl will find itself somewhere.
  • Several people report dreaming of rivers of blood.
  • Florica is running her own messenger service.
  • What is the different between an ent and a treant?
  • Some enterprising students of the Velliar have released snails into the Terrarium. Now the snails trail lava wherever they go.
  • Caius has been snapping up all the citrine he can find.
  • Buzzing has been heard in the woods.
  • So who throws a party next to an acid pit, anyway?
  • The alchemists were seen stalking Crow, hoping to catch her laying an egg.
  • Nephros has high hopes for the new Wizards’ Guild and wants to invite all to examine Firmament for fun and profit!
  • Shades continue to gather on the borders of the town.
  • Aislin has been going to bed early, waking late, and taking long naps.
  • The few grindelow seen by the river have been looking gaunt and underfed.
  • Shades and Endings attempted to siege the elementals’ mine but were driven back.
  • Uncle Winston hasn’t gotten any younger.
  • Wait, that blind fire mage is back?
  • Scott’s mystery man will be making an appearance.
  • The question of the ages will finally be answered.




So you don’t lay eggs? Asking for a friend…

That’d be something to see.



Wait, what?

[EditToAdd:] If he is, someone should tell me what he looks like before he gets here. :slight_smile:

Well, if Kel is back that means even more necromancer keep-away

But that could be a couple people

How dare they suggest Strigford has feelings?!

Strigford’s good people.

Please be a different question.

I see no evidence that you can’t be a monster and a person and an egg layer. Just sayin’. :wink:

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I see no evidence that you can’t all just shut up and leave me alone