Seeking Fall 1 819 Kitchen Volunteers!

Hello Witchwood Attendees!

(This post blatantly copied/adapted from Port Katherine. Thanks, Yuki!)

First off, thank you all so much for the help you have provided in the kitchen so far. We could not manage feeding you all without everyone who has stepped up to help with meal prep, washing dishes, or just collecting clutter in the tavern.

To continue to improve kitchen logistics, we are introducing sign-ups for kitchen volunteer shifts. This will help us see ahead of time if we are short on help at a particular time or for a particular task, and solicit additional volunteers appropriately. (This does NOT mean that you cannot drop in to offer to help if you aren’t signed up! It DOES mean that staff can try to schedule your plots around your shifts. If plots for you do come out while you’re on a shift, people will know where to find you and we promise to not hold you hostage in the kitchen and you can go murder/rescue/research etc. whatever you see fit.)

The shifts are:

  • Saturday Breakfast Meal Prep [7:15 - 8:45] - 2 people
  • Saturday Breakfast Dishes [9:00 - 10:00] - 2 people
  • Saturday Lunch Meal Prep [11:00 - 1:00] - 2 people
  • Saturday Lunch Dishes [1:30 - 2:30] - 2 people
  • Saturday Dinner Meal Prep [5:00 - 7:00] - 2 people
  • Saturday Dinner Dishes [7:30 - 8:30] - 2 people
  • Sunday Breakfast Meal Prep [7:15 - 8:45] - 2 people
  • Sunday Breakfast Dishes [9:00 - 10:00] - 2 people

Meal Prep is helping to cook the meals. General kitchen know-how is helpful but not required.
Dishes is washing dishes as they come in from the meal; to make sure that dishwashers are available to do dishes in a timely fashion, they will get priority in the line for first serving of that meal.

Compensation for kitchen volunteers is as follows - there will be a sheet to write start and end times, and you can opt for 1CP or 10 leaf per hour of help.

To sign up for shifts, please add your name to this spreadsheet .

Thanks, and see you at Fall 1!

Witchwood Game Director


I can help with Saturday lunch dishes and Sunday breakfast prep as usual