Shard of Intention Deadline: June 8th

Hi everyone,

In order to plan more interesting responses to your Shards of Intention, staff would like to know what you all plan to do with them by Monday June 8 (aka, the day after Spring 2 would have been). You are encouraged to use the Discord server on the S2 weekend to figure out how you want to use them.

Anyone who was at Spring 1 / registered for S1 / or registered for S2 has a Shard of Intention.

If you already know what you want to do with yours, great! Put it in as a BGS for Spring 2. (Note: There are no regular BGS for Spring 2.)
If you don’t figure out what you want to do until after the S2 BGS deadline, email your Intentions to witchwoodplotwriters at googlegroups dot com. (People who don’t do anything with their will get a default Nice Thing at our next event.)

As a reminder, you should both tell us OOG what you are hoping to get, and an IG story.

So if you want to know about the greatest pork chop ever made, you could say,

OOG: I want to be able to talk to an NPC playing the memory of the chef who made the greatest pork chop ever. Or if my group used enough shards, I also want to talk to the person who ate it. Or even better, to have a “hunting” mod to get ingredients, or an Iron Chef mod where we really cook things. StoneDapple and Corrigan gave me their shards to help get a cooler result."

IG story:
Long ago, there was a Daler village torn apart by conflict. Two families feuded over the name of Greatest Pork Chop Chef. Years of swine-theft and spice-cabinet arson finally led their neighbors to decide, enough is enough. They called on the Davenstern to run an impartial competition to decide the winner once and for all.
The blood of that chef runs in my veins, and I focus on my ancestral connection and the warm pork chops in my belly as the pocket realm overtakes Oak Harbor. In the distance, I smell something. Cumin? I snap to attention and head to investigate.

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