Speaking with the Dead Fall 1 2017

If there is anyone in need of asking a question of a deceased individual, I have some uses of Speak with Dead to spare.
I would need a name in order contact the person. For those not familiar with Speaking with Dead, I would be relaying the information back and forth, so I would have to be aware of your question as well as the answer. So not the best idea if it is an especially sensitive issue. If there is a way to allow someone else to speak directly with a spirit, I don’t know it at this time.

If it is a private matter you can ask me directly (peter.casey2x2@gmail.com) or contact me here.

If it’s going to go to waste, I can certainly think of things to try using it on. The only one that is potentially pressing would be trying to speak with Raine, but I suspect the spirits of the Archeologists did not make it to Umbra? I will try a more private means of communication to discuss it further, anyway.

(If anyone does have matters to ask the dead that they are unwilling to share with a Mystic, there is an elixir to allow that, when the Alchemist Guild has one in stock, but it seems unlikely you could acquire that in time for this gathering.)

– Scott

It is not possible to speak with Rain. I already tried.

Also, a skilled medium can allow someone else to speak directly with a spirit.