Spring 1 2020: Schedule Information

Hello, players!

Here is some more information about our online-event taking place this weekend on Discord.

(Note, the colors for Roles are slightly different than previously described. Players default to White. A few players are Discord moderators, and they are Green.)

In Game Premise:

The Gatekeepers’ efforts to draw a pocket-realm onto Oak Harbor have had some strange effects a bit early. You are all filed with a bit of the Stillness and Weakness of Umbra, which limits your ability to have physical interactions. However, the Communication powers of Reverie have made it so you can still talk with one another. You see Oak Harbor as you know it, but in a vague, dreamlike way.


  • We expect the event to take place primarily in paired audio & chat channels, which will each have the same name.

  • Online audio chat can be difficult! Please make an extra effort to avoid talking over each other in audio channels. The chat channels can be used to ask to be next in line to speak. Staff will try to facilitate this, but things will go most smoothly if everyone is proactive about it.

  • Some plots will have external links posted in the chat channels. These will be to images, video clips, puzzle sheets, etc. There won’t be a ton of these, but there will be some (especially Saturday morning for the Virtual Component Hunt.)


  • All times are approximate. We’re human. LARP time is never exact, and COVID-19 time is definitely not exact. :slight_smile:

  • We may make some minor changes as the event approaches.

  • Not all events are listed publicly. For these, staff will contact you ahead of time and/or they will be described in your BGS.

  • We will begin gathering online in an Out Of Game fashion at 8 pm. This is a good time to make sure your sound is working.

  • At 8:30, we’ll have the official Out-of-Game welcome speech. During that, we’ll push the button so your Between Game Skills show up on the website. At that point, we’ll have “soft start.” Returning players can start moving to in-game channels to chat. We’ll also handle any OOG trouble shooting of BGS issues.

  • At 9 PM, Captain Paulano (Charles) will take the new players off for an introductory scene.

  • The linked spreadsheets indicate times when it is known that certain NPCs will be in town, and what things those NPCs are capable of teaching. (As always, PCs are allowed to teach other PCs.)

  • Many of these NPCs will have other agendas in addition to teaching.

The following are events whose existence is publicly known, along with invitees:

  • Friday from game-on until Midnight: Town Hall on The Holes in the Pattern. Open to all.

  • Friday night: Review of ancient charms using alternate runic forms. Open to all.

  • Saturday 9-11 AM. Virtual Component Walk. All welcome.

  • Saturday 10-11 AM. Official White Forest Trading Company welcome for new settlers. New settlers requested.

  • Saturday 11AM-noon: Velliar Discussion Re: Shards of Intention. Velliar requested.

  • Saturday 11AM-noon: Weaver discussions with Nurya. Weavers requested, all welcome.

  • Saturday 11 AM-1 PM: Forum on Human Reputation. Humans requested, all welcome.

  • Saturday 1-2:30 PM: Town Council Meeting. Town Council required, others welcome.

  • Saturday 3-5 PM, Wizards’ Guild meeting. Wizards requested; all welcome

  • Saturday 3-5 PM: Story swap with Talia TaleSpinner. Share your greatest battle tales, plan your next epic fight. All welcome.

  • Saturday 6-8 PM: Romanza Diplomatic visit. Felicitoro requested, all welcome

  • Saturday 8-11 PM: Fire Circle. Open to all. Share a song or story.

  • Saturday 8-10 PM: University stacks open hours with Docent Leopold. All welcome.

  • Saturday 9-11 PM: Asola Hold 'Em with Silas. All welcome.

  • Sunday 11 Am - 1 PM: Velliar Discussion Re: Salendale. All welcome.


  • We’re going to handle check-in, attendance CP, and dealing with your admissions fees manually once the event is over. (A few of you have already received CP for donating your admission, but I didn’t get to all of you.) Thank you for your patience.

  • You will not receive any physical objects at check-in (obviously). This includes elixirs / income / scrolls / poultices / scavenge etc. You will receive these physical objects at our next live event in addition to your regular objects for that event.

  • You are considered to be “virtually” in possession of these objects. If you want to trade any virtual objects amongst yourselves between now and the next live event, you may do so. If you do this in any way that staff might need to keep track of, both parties should create a BGS for the next live event documenting the trade.

  • Although we intended for this to take place during a Spring 1 ritual, Shards of Intention are now a free BGS open to everyone for our next live event. That event will be set in a pocket-realm made of dreams and memories. Tell us what you want to see! It can be almost anything. The more people who put Intention into the same thing, the bigger the result will be. Use Spring 1 to coordinate your Intention!

Please post here with questions and we will sort them out ASAP (or contact admin-staff@witchwoodroleplaying.com with private questions).

Saturday 1pm-2pm Oak Harbor Mystic’s Guild meeting, led by Roderago. No one is required, but all mystics or people interested in things mystic are invited. We will likely discuss lessons, and talk about going on’s from a mystical perspective.


Healers circle should also probably have a meeting at some point but I am a horrible organizer and if no one else steps up maybe over breakfast or lunch or something Saturday. Idk. Tess is bad at things.

Just to confirm, Velliar Salendale conversation is 12-2pm Sunday (aka the afternoon on Sunday)? I know that’s how it’s written, but want to confirm given that it is the only thing scheduled for Sunday…

That is correct. Note that, although that’s the only thing on the public events list for Sunday, the NPC spreadsheet has a few other people around who will be up to things.

At Hugs o’clock*, there will be a lyra lesson, too.


If anyone is interested in Smithing lessons, theory, or generalized crafting discussions, I propose meeting after the council meeting, at 3PM

All new Druids, Herbalists, and persons interested in healing are invited to join the Healers’ Circle for luncheon at noontime on Willowsday (or Saturday, as we say on Earth).

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Additionally, I will hold a Discussion on the Nature of Death in the Margins, Willowsday night from 9:30 to 11 PM.

The Margins are a dangerous place, and I expect you all to die there a bit more frequently than you would normally. Before we are fully there, let us discuss how to mitigate the toll on your spirits with other trades.

All ideas will be subject to the Gatekeepers’ approvals, but I do hold some sway…

-The Editor

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(The Sunday Salendale discussion has been pushed up to 11-1.)

Virtual Component Walk Information

Saturday morning at 9 am, then once every 10-15 minutes, a virtual jigsaw puzzle will be posted to the text channel “the-woods”.

There will be six puzzles total.
Each puzzle will produce an image containing 6 hidden plastic eggs.

Interested players are asked to screenshot each completed jigsaw puzzle and circle the eggs. Then, email the file to rumors@witchwoodroleplaying.com.
You may do this until 11 am.

The first person to find each egg will be awarded a not-common component.
The second person for each egg gets a somewhat-more-common component.
The third person gets a still-more-common component.
The pattern continues until we run out of submissions or components.

The puzzles will be similar to this.


Correction! Send Virtual Component Walk submissions to admin-staff at witchwoodroleplaying dot com.

Send one submission per jigsaw.

A few people should have email from me clarifying if the mail system ate their puzzles or if they just only sent entries for some puzzles and not all of them.
So, check your email, and I’ll try to award components sometime this week.

As far as accuracy goes (e.g., who only brought home eggs and not orange peels, tulips, daffodils, or magnolias)
Kael was our only perfect score with 36/36.
There were 3 runners up with 34/36: Florica, Dolan, and Spira.


Mayhaps the egg blindness was just a ruse…


We still haven’t heard who got them in first per egg, though. Don’t get too excited, yet. :wink:

Results will be emailed out around lunchtime today.

Taking speed into account, Signe and Durand made some very fast starts, and Palnaa emerges as a strong contender for the combination of speed and accuracy!


You sure that was Durand and not his shifty-looking brother, Nurand? (nice work, Palnaa!)

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Remember, PELs are due by 6am Monday if you want to get a CP for them!

(And for reporting Lessons, that happens in BGS for the next regular event. But since we don’t know for sure when it is, you may want to write down a note about it in your PEL so you remember. You may also want to write a note for what you would like to do with your Shard of Intention.)