Spring 1 at Cap!

Our Spring 1, 2020 event has reached capacity, and we no longer have any open slots for new registrations. Anyone interested in attending the event should write to admin-staff at witchwoodroleplaying dot com to be placed on the waiting list. (There are very good odds that the first few names will come off.)

It’s very exciting to see this game growing so much. Thank you to our new players, to our long-time players who have been so welcoming, and to our hard-working and enthusiastic staff. As we enter our eighth year, it’s wonderful that we have such excitement and new energy.

At the same time, as COVID-19 concern grows, we intend to relax our cancellation policy so that anyone feeling sick will be encouraged to stay home. In the unfortunate case that we cannot run a full-weekend event, we will do our best to find a partial alternative, be it one-day in person, a series of remote interactions, or something else. We’ll keep you updated at the situation evolves.

Thanks again for all your support,
-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director