Spring 2 2016 Quotes

I know there were a bunch of good ones that I can’t remember.

Here’s the one thing I wrote down.

"It’s got curved horns; it can’t be an elemental.” - Someone on seeing the greater air elemental

“Spirit strike, spirit dart, death, death, death”

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Thales, Skriv, and Zeyana, "Hey, Venia, can we talk to you for a minute?"
Venia, “I swear it wasn’t me!”

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Thales "Control undead! Attack!"
Zelai "Do you need to be more specific?"
Thales “Attack the … other undead”


Dyrus: Explaining how air water and fire attack problems headon.
Omoira: "Which element sneaks around back and stabs problems from behind?"
Signe: “The element of SURPRISE!”


I don’t remember the exact lead up, but I remember theorizing what a surprise elemental would look like

Nephros, talking to Dyrus about the air elemental after his lesson. The elemental doesn’t like his flippant tone…

Elemental: Silence! Silence!

Someone: I wasn’t sure when he silenced him (Nephros) but I’m on board silencing Dyrus.

(A collection fund is started for further silencing.)

“90% of the damage Zelai takes is not to his Vitality, but to his dignity.” - Matt Kamm, on the ride home.

Dyrus is in the tea house telling stories to a pair of clay fae and Narissa. The purple vigamor barges in, throwing death and silence. Narissa pops a spell shield and scares the vigamor off with water strikes, then has Dyrus continue his stories in pantomime.

++ to silent Dyrus. :slight_smile:

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Dyrus, at a random nightmare: I kick you into the woods! Kyahh!

Someone else: SWEET KICK, DYRUS!

Saturday night I was walking up towards a group and someone called out who goes there.
Vance: “It’s just Alexei, he’s been here for a while. If he was going to stab someone he would have done it already.”

Aislin going to bed on Saturday night
"I’ll leave the Lyra to explain how Humans work."


I was joking about the eye-guy monster being a reaction to me personally, and followed it up with: “You’re so vain, you probably think this adversary is about you.”

Also when we were hanging out on the ground and someone asked me what would happen if someone brought porn into reverie, and their shock and glee when I very seriously replied with: “Well what did you THINK most weavers make their money doing?”


“So… Blindfolded knife throwing” - Tiarnach

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