Spring 2 Bonus Material

We may not be having a real event next month, but we will be providing occasional bonus content to keep Witchwood in your lives.

First up, one of your local druid teachers tells you about invasive plants:
(apologies for the bits of clipped audio)


Quercus’s log, 17th day of the month of Evren.

Walked the rocky trail by the bend in the marsh. Focused on tearing down ailanthus today, and removed a bunch of swallow-wort and a bit of knotweed in the process. Normally I’d consider dealing with invader trees to be too big a task for one individual, but ailanthus is an exception. So satisfying to be able to snap an entire limb, or uproot a tree taller than myself, using only one hand. (And, mercifully, it smells nice when broken.)
Ailanthus truly is to the Shell Path as oak is to the Root; darting everywhere quickly, but with a connection to the earth that is broad rather than deep.

Uncovered several blackberry patches during my work, hopefully ensuring them plenty of light for the coming year. Ate several. They seem to be ripening early this year.

Looked at the honeylocust trees more closely than normal, taking in the wide degree of variation in the size of their thorns. Curious what it is that makes some specimens grow such large thorns when others barely have them at all.

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Quercus’s log, 36th day of the month of Evren

My efforts clearing knot-weed, though unending, are showing their impact! The area they once occupied is now being retaken by the native creeper vines.
If my father happens to pass this way, perhaps he will actually admire my work for once.

I have now turned my attention to destroying a different vine, the eastern bittersweet. I seem to have got several fragments of it in my eyes. I shall rest at my tree until the discomfort subsides.

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