Spring 2 Quotes

Who has good quotes/moments?

  • Shane and Vaiaitaia, in the lyra/reverie mod: “What can we sculpt out of clay to represent ‘Violent Anarchy’?” (Vi proceeds to make a pile of bodies, with one person standing on top as victor.)
  • Vigor/Umbra shots at the Tea House
  • “Colin, did you stab a Hania kid again?” “Hey, he didn’t kill him this time.”
  • “How do we blame this on Leopold?” “Leopold does suck, but I don’t think we can blame this on him.”

“Why am I doing this? If I want snakes people will just bring me snakes. I don’t even want snakes.” - Kael

“I’m buying snakes again.” - also Kael


“Hey, unsupervised Aldenberg warriors…” - Shane


“I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.” Spencer’s Kobold

“I like the way you think…welll…I like the words you make.” -Astrophel

“This is going to be the most painful lesson ever…” -Rosen


Person A “I prefer Restore 4 scrolls over Elixirs as most of my skills I want to refresh are 2 point skills so having 5 from a potion is a bit of a waste. I guess what I’m saying is I could totally suck you dry”

Person B “Uh, phrasing?”

Person A “What I mean is that I could totally utilize your entire rune-pool”

Me “At this point everything sounds like a euphemism”


“No one is smarter than the last man standing.”- Shane

Norin: (paraphrase) I decided that just standing around protecting people’s bodies, I would lick the Witchwood tree too."

Also: I love that Pinecone Scouts earn “participation awards” rather than “merit badges.”


“Narrator: Vinnie DID NOT go to void with Ashra”


“Hey brother, I might need you to subdue me for a lesson” -Me, proceeds to be subdued three times in a row.

“My home is where Glyph smells.” - some Lyra with a death wish

And all of the terrible but wonderful one liners Ash and the Rat King barked at one another. It was like a movie trailer that would never end. “Till next time.” “Next time you won’t be so lucky.” “I will come back, and I will kill you.” “Death is not the end you think it is.”
I’ll be honest, I was ready to stab one of them :stuck_out_tongue: