Spring 2 Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to everyone who came to finish out our Spring season!

Remember that if you would like to get a CP for your PEL, you should submit it before 6 am on June 24th.
And since many of you are probably heading to Port Katherine this weekend, you may want to at least put down some notes before your brains get overrun by something else. :slight_smile:

NPCs are also encouraged to write PELs about what they enjoyed, what they didn’t, and what they would like for the future. You won’t get a CP, but you will get a literal cookie (or substitute of your choice)!

Also, even though BGS for Fall 1 aren’t due until August, consider writing down your plans now. This will both prevent you from forgetting them over the summer and help staff start thinking about things earlier. Even if you aren’t yet registered for Fall, consider putting notes about your BGS plans in your PEL!