Spring 2020 Announcements

First of all, thank you all for a wonderful Winter Feast Yesterday!

Next, several important announcements:

  1. We have a final Date and Time for Spring 2! It will be the first weekend of June, at Camp Pomperaug in CT.

  2. With increasing interest in WItchwood, we may once again need to cap attendance. With our current number of staff, it’s impractical to handle more than 50 players. With more staff, we could theoretically increase to 75 players, but that would still require a transition period to get new staff familiar with the game, so I can’t see that happening until at least the Fall. So, register early! Or come staff!

  3. As I mentioned yesterday, our beloved chef StoneDapple is retiring from WItchwood to be a real-life InnKeeper. A few people have already spoken to me about wanting to help out with food going forward, but if you are interested, email admin-staff@witchwoodroleplaying.com or put it in your PEL.

  4. Remember to fill out your Post Event Letter for the Feast using the Between Events button on the main page. Do it in the next 2 weeks to get a Character Point.

  5. We will reset the semi-annual CP spending cap 2 weeks from today.

Looking forward to another great year,
-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director


I liked this for the scheduling but now am tempted to un-like it because Stonedapple is leaving.

The issue preventing people from submitting PELs has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

We now have 39 players registered for Spring 1!
That means there are only 11 spots left for players.
If you’ve been putting off registering, do it soon!
Plenty of spots for NPCs, though. :slight_smile:

Only 2 spots left! Once they fill, email admin-staff at witchwoodroleplaying dot com to get on the waitlist, or volunteer to NPC!